Activating year-round youth and community engagement to reduce the prevalence of Childhood Obesity

Urban Games—2020 Vision is a bold community engagement initiative that seeks to build community self-advocacy and individual self-agency centered on health, play, and wellness. Partnering with Youth Centric and Austin Foundation, both social purpose organizations, Urban Games proposes the following goals and outcomes:

  • Engage 1,000 Urban Games Youth Ambassadors in year round activities and programs who are committed healthy living and wellness practices.

  • Develop a data-informed wellness baseline for each of the Youth Ambassadors for monitoring, coaching, and intervention, as appropriate.

  • Track over 10M activity hours (1,000 UG Youth Ambassadors x 30 minutes per day x over 365 days) to evaluate efficacy and personal growth over time.

  • Demonstrate through evidence-based data analysis how a focused community effort can improve health outcomes.

In support of our Youth Ambassadors, we will convene key stakeholders and partners in critical planning conversations to develop and deliver an integrated community-wide blueprint of needs, initiatives, and resource to be delivered throughout the year to engage youth and promote wellness.  Using a community-centered lens for programming will increase efficacy, reduce redundancy and waste, and advance both community and partner organizational goals.  Utilizing systems mapping, Urban Games proposes to:

  • Map provider capabilities, community demand, and desired outcomes of each stakeholders;

  • Analyze and identify areas of distinction and overlap of the stakeholder demand or capability;

  • Frame an intervention roadmap of play and engagement activities which will become the Urban Games programmatic year, while also identifying where distinctive stakeholder programs and services can be cross promoted or reinforced for greater impact; and

  • Produce a community-centered blueprint for replication that demonstrates how broad consensus, collaboration, and commitment to community voice and engagement can decrease health disparities, increase social justice, fairness, and equity across communities, and increase overall wellness outcomes.

 Urban Games—2020 Vision anticipates the following outcomes:

  • Increase the awareness of the factors that contribute to childhood obesity

  • Increase the data-driven development of health and wellness interventions for youth

  • Reduce the prevalence of identified cases of childhood obesity

  • Increase community advocacy and personal agency of our participating stakeholders, community partners, youth participants, and their families.